3D models are Low polygonal High Quality mesh, handmade Quad Polygons.

Unwrapped UVs – hand made - Non-overlapping.

All materials are PBR (Physically-Based Rendering).

High resolution Texture 4K - 4096x4096.

Used for AAA games and ArchVIZ rendering

HEROSSTUDIO models contains at this point total of 12 objects.

Мaterials-textures available for all models in site: 159

Each material (texture) can be downloaded in 7 different versions of game/render engine.

You'll get a total 1113 different variation, allowing an incredible amount of variation for your scenes.

Available pipelin, renderers & game engine:

Principled BSDF Pxr, PBR Metal Rough, Cycles, EEVEE, Renderman, Arnold 5, Octane, Redshif, Corona, Vray

The following software may be used:

Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Houdini, Katana, MODO, Clarisse iFX, Cinema 4D, iClone, LightWave, SketchUp, NUKE

FREE 3D Models

Download low polygons game & render ready with PBR textures

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game/render ready 3D models 4K PBR textures for multiple game engine


View рaytrace rendering for all models and PBR materials


View how used textures for the different renders and game engines


Latest 3D models, new materials, new supported renderers and game ednine


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