Tutorial PBR Metal Rough Arnold

These lessons will show you how to best use the textures for the different renders and game engine

Arnold | Maya |Standart Surface Material

MAYA - Arnold render - aiStandartSurface

Used maps: Diffuse, Metalness, Roughness, Normal_GL, Height, AO


Color Space
Arnold Standard Surface
Base Color
Base / Color
RAW + alpha is luminance
Specular / Roughness
RAW + alpha is luminance
Base / Metalness
Normal (OpenGL)
Geometry / Bump Mapping
Gamma Settings
Make sure you have Color Management Enabled. When importing a bitmap, you need to properly set the gamma for the color space. You can do on the file node
Color Space. For grayscale maps such as metallic and roughness, you need to also enable "alpha is luminance."
Arnold Bump2D
You may need to uncheck the Flip R and G channels in the Arnold Attributes for the bump2D node
These are great video tutorials for settings materials, textures and render in Maya
Video 1   /   Video 2   /   Video 3
Arnold | 3D Studio Max |Standart Surface Material

3D Studio MAX - Arnold Render - Standart Surface material

Used maps: Diffuse, Metalness, Roughness, Normal_GL, Height, AO


Base Color to Base Color Metallic to Metalness Roughness to Roughness (in the Specular component)
Make sure you using the correct color space. Raw: Metallic, Roughness, Normal (OpenGL), Height, Bump, etc. sRGB: Base Color
When you import a texture (bitmap) you can choose to override the import settings. Override: 1 = Raw Override: 2.2 = sRGB
If you "double gamma correct" the Roughness and other non color related textures (for example in Photoshop) the results are pretty good.