Tutorial Unity

These lessons will show you how to best use the textures for the different renders and game engine

Unity | Standart material

UNITY 5 - Standard Shader

Used maps: AlbedoTransparency, MetallicSmoothness, Normal_GL, AO
Import 3D model
1. From Menu "Assets"choose "Import New Asset..."
2. From browser select yours mesh and choose file
... or drag and dropping mesh file from file browser to the "Assets" Unity browser
3. From "Assets" browser drag mesh to "Hierarchy" or directly into the viewport
mesh appears in "Assets"
Material Setup
1. Select the material attached to the object
The material appears on the right
2. Select Shader to "Standard"
3. Set the color pure white - because it overlays the texture
4. Import textures - by dragging and dropping from a file browser in the "Assets" Unity browser, or: menu "Assets" > "Import New Asset..."
5. Dragging and dropping from a "Assets" browser to material slots:
Texture "AlbedoTransparency" - slot (Albedo)
Texture "MetallicSmoothness" - slot (Metalic)
6. Dragging and dropping texture "Normal" from a "Assets" browser to material slots "Normal Map"
7. Then press the button "Fix Now"
8. Finally Dragging and dropping "AO" (AmbientOcclusion) map from "Assets" browser to material slots "Occlusion"
Set the value to "Occlusion"
This completes the setup of the material




Unity | HDRP render

Coming Soon ...